Vebss Philosophy: As a Innovative company with its innovative solutions along With innovative Business Assoiciates enabling vebss to achieve the desired results. Vebss believes in long term Partnership ventures with its Business Associates.

Growth Potentiality: As Vebss aims at migrating technologies to India the expected Growth is huge volume and the main advantage is most of the projects are Govt. Of India Projects, the risk factor is minimum.

Vebss is the Professionally Managed corporate to achieve the desired results and aspiring for lot of growth on its several projects on hand in a phased manner.

VEDAM Balasubramaniam is founder & Chairman of the Vebss Information Technology LLC. one of the technology oriented company.

He is having more than two decades experience in the IT industry as General Manager, Vice-President and President for several IT corporate as well as Multinational Companies in India.
Here, you are more than just another employee in just another large, faceless organization. VEBSS recognizes you as a person with skills, needs, and aspirations. At VEBSS, your talents are honed, your achievements recognized, and your every contribution is valued.
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