Computer Networks Design (CND) LeaD Software
Effective Framework for Problem based learning the Networking Protocols
Networking and Internetworking Protocol Technologies is the fastest Growing and most widely needed & used. One of the ramifications of that growth is a dramatic increase in the number of professions (Banking, ITES, Network implementers etc) where a good insight of these technologies is essential for professional success, thus driving a growth in number of students aspire to learn that Technology.
The concept of effective teaching of the Computer Network Protocol design has become the challenging task as it is one of the dynamically changing concepts of the industry. CICT with its vast experience in this domain is offering a Framework which provides Problem-based learning as a key pedagogical method for teaching-learning practical network design. This CICT-LeaD lab in this domain narrows the gap in understanding theoretical concepts and its corresponding practical implementations.
The CICT-CND LeaD Lab Features:
Will help to understand the basic concepts of Network functionalities and Service Layers that help to implement them.
Provides practical implementation process thru which the Teaching - Learning process of this Technology becomes easy paced.
Helps the learners to ask questions that will give a deeper insight into this Technology thus helping him to learn the concepts.
Helps the learners and practitioners to practically build one or two functionalities on each layer, integrate and see the system working.
Works with Linux Operating System RHL9 - with the standard PC configuration.
S.No Skills to be imparted in Networks Lab CICT-CND Compliance**
1 PC to PC Communication Complied to Serial & parallel communication with excellent GUI
2 Ethernet LAN Protocol Complied to 802.3 CSMA/CD
3 Token bus and token ring protocols Complied to 802.4 & 802.5
4 Wireless LAN protocols Complied — CSMA/CA (with suitable additional modifications in Physical layer )
5  Stop and wait protocol Complied
6 Go Back-N and selective retransmission protocols Complied
7  Routing Algorithms Complied (Distant Vector algorithm)
8  Data encryption and decryption Complied (Private Key mechanism)
9 Mail & File Transfer using socket programming Complied (TFTP, SMTP & Socket Programming
** This product is under continues improvement and Institutions will be provided updates free of cost during warranty period.
“Ability to Teach & Learn “Demonstrate – Experiment – Develop Skills”
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