FPGA Development Platforms for VLSI Laboratory
“VLSI & Embedded Systems“ knowledge has become a necessity in every Engineer’s skill sets, due to the establishment of Design house by global EDA vendors & Semiconductor industries in India. Last few years, the industry has witnessed tremendous growth due to
Change in Technology (Sub-micrometer to Sub-nanometer technology)
Availability of sophisticated software tools for modeling, simulation, design, Prototype, Verification and Validation
Time to market constraints
Ever growing user requirements driving innovative product solutions.
The industry is constantly looking for skilled Engineers/ technicians to handle the challenges and expect technical educational institutions (Formal & Non-formal) to setup and run quality courses in VLSI and Embedded Systems – both theory and hands-on experimentation.
In order to facilitate the Institutions to setup and run quality education in VLSI and Embedded Systems, , is offering a Configurable and Scalable solutions to meet the “Value for Money” requirements of typical VLSI Laboratory.
Technical Specification of LeaD-FPGA200:
1 Supports Xilinx Spartan2 & Spartan3 FPGAs
2 Unlimited re programmable support using download/ JTAG cable
3 Supports VHDL, Verilog, Mixed HDL languages
4 Frequency Support
Ext Oscillator 16 MHz, upgradable to 80 MHz.
Internal frequency up to 150MHz
5 The Advanced FPGA platforms are suitably buffered for I/O operations of real world signals of 5volts and 3.3 volts.
On board 8 Switch input and 8 LED o/ps
Two Seven Segment LEDs
6 Extension connectors
7 o 26-pin – 1 no
8 o 50-pin – 2 nos
9 Supports all CICT’s external Real Time Interfaces (DIO, AIO)
10 All the advanced development boards are bundled with IP cores of advanced projects and Experiments
Note: Higher Capacity (Gates) FPGA platforms upto 4 million are available on request
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