Using this Problem based learning Framework, the student can absorb the Networking Technology skills through experiments in the seven layers as per ISO - OSI standard:
1 Physical Layer services :
Modulation, Multiplexing & Synchronization
2 Data Link Layer Services :
  Sub layers for Wired and wireless LANs
  a) Media Access control:
Slotted ALOHA
Collision detection
Data & Reception in a typical setup
Performance Analysis
    b) Logical Link Control
Error and Flow control in Link Layer
3 Network Layer :  Protocol used – IP
Addressing and routing services - Routing Algorithm(Distance Vector Algorithm)
4 Transport Layer :
Protocol used – TCP Connection oriented services (CONS)
Three way Connection Establishment & Termination
Silly Window Syndrome for Data Transmission and Reception
Protocol used – UDP Connectionless services (CLNS) implementation for Transmission and Reception
5  Application Layer Services :
This software package is also provided with Source Codes (Fully Protected) for users to understand the flow and also try some changes to see the behavior change
CND LeaD Software with 25 User License – college pack
Detailed User Manual; Application Manual; Reference Manual.
User training during Supply & Installation for Three days 
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