Short for radio frequency identification , RFID is a dedicated short range communication (DSRC) technology. The term RFID is used to describe various technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. RFID technology is similar to the bar code identification systems we see in retail stores everyday; however one big difference between RFID and bar code technology is that RFID does not rely on the line-of-sight reading that bar code scanning requires to work Vebss has got wide potential market holding in providing
RFID solutions.

Through RFID technology we can automatically identify, locate, track, monitor and protect a variety of things.
The things that can be RFID tagged include: personnel, assets, vehicles, inventory as well as their conditions and the environment around them.
RFID can operate around the enterprise in a local area, indoors or out. Through RFID assets can be automatically protected giving the owner the freedom to come and go from a secured location with the assets as they please.
Unlike conventional technology, RFID requires no direct line of sight, provides a unique identifier for each tagged item and can collect data from those items exponentially faster resulting in: dramatic reductions in out-of-stocks, theft and counterfeiting extraordinary improvements in inventory tracking and work-in-progress processes significantly more reliable tracking, aging and pedigree data
RFID Asset Tracking
Active RFID management is necessary with active RFID tags. An active RFID tag is one that has a transmitter and a battery to send back information to a reader, instead of just reflecting back a signal like a passive RFID tag does. However, having a battery and a transmitter makes it more expensive than a passive RFID tag, usually about 400 times more, so active RFID management is only necessary for more expensive items. An active RFID tag can be read from about a hundred metres or more and is frequently used by the military, shipping and airport services to track personnel, containers and equipment
There are basically two types of RFID tag which can be used in RFID asset tracking, the cheapest one is a passive tag, which only gives out its information if it is asked to reveal it by a 'reader' and an active tag, which is continuously broadcasting its information. (There is also a hybrid tag that will only broadcast only when it has been activated by a reader)
RFID Blocking Wallet

An RFID blocking wallet is designed to protect the RFID tags in your credit cards, your driving license and other bits of identification from being read by any RFID readers that you happen to pass by. There are many of these readers almost everywhere you go, supermarkets, car parks, factories, airports, bus stations, farms, you name it and they are all actively looking for RFID tags to read. OK, they are looking for relevant ID tags to read, but if you want to be sure to keep your personal data safe from prying eyes, get yourself an RFID blocking wallet.
RFID Jewellary :
Radio frequency Identification is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags.
RFID Library Management System :
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